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this is the life of a bastard who is high in a new world; the Ruiner. As 460 holes get fucked by a lowlife named LL Cool J whose mad for you helplessly at a downtown party.


released July 31, 2011



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LOWLIFE Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: this is the life
busting out on on a bathroom stall,
making my way up to the bar.
stumble over, down a free shot
this is the life of a ROON SLOB.

this is the good life living the good life.

this is the life we live not what you gave us.
taking back everything you never gave us.
break rules with iron fists this is our night tonight
but im just wasted here, pissed.

this is the good life living the good life.

shoot up you fucking burnout.
hating these streets all over town,
make a noise and make it loud.
this is the way i make a sound.

tonight, that's right. i might light the whole world on fire
Track Name: bastard
BASTARD (like father like son)

handwritten letter letters sent straight from prison.
you've fucked your life & fucked up your children.
this fathers day, I hope your rotting in your grave
because your absence makes a shame of our name.

you really think i give a fuck where you are,
you left me out on my own, attention deficit art. i hate it.
your numb to me in every way i can think ,
the pictures never been seen, this blood is thicker then ink.

hate you more everyday, bastard in every way.

on my own in this world, cracked up just to make it worse. on my own in this world with siblings to give me hope.

the coke got in your way. fuck you im proud to say..
im just some bastards child.
Track Name: high
cruisin' down bloor on the subway for free
making my way down to college st.
tagging my name all across queen.
mark my territory in these streets.

and if i die,leave my tag hanging high, in the streets.

and now that i fall, i should of known that i would die.
i should of seen it coming, but im so fucking HIGH.

im so fucking high, in the sky, & my brain is feeling fried.
dont ask if im happy, bliss on the inside.
its so hard to get down, when you never get serious.
even though our lives are meaningless.
Track Name: new world

we live in the times of human disgrace.
where everyone are sheep,and everything is fake.
maybe this century was not made for man.
but fate started a fire and we're burning here again.

they wasted the youth of tomorrow will die,were breaking the homes of the rich and wise. i cheated the deaf,cause i\m sick in the head. kill em all,fuck the rest, its your mind we'll infest.

stuck in this world with hopeless eyes made to wonder.
in this new world, your just another number.
Track Name: ruiner
working 9 to 5 never made sense to me.
im high drinkin all night wake up your next to me
but your so dead to me.no more sex for free
because i hate you.

put in a position,where you have to sin to survive.
im gonna drown the world in these girls tears.
cause i already ruined their lives.

tonight, ill cum between your drenched thighs.
your a fucking dog so i tossed you a bone.
now stop fucking calling my phone.
Track Name: 460
god have mercy on low lives that are worthless.
the streets fall victims to 32, different substance
the world will frantically panic and kill out the hopeless romantics.

you never seen it coming you only watch it go,
i never had enough but im still letting go.
we all got bad habits but ours kept us together,
you cant break us apart. PMU is forever.

so ill just wait for the apocalypse.
sit in the dungeon and smoke pops with Rivs
while Toph sleeps hes so fucking Chris
Im gonna hit a popper so pass the fucking snipes and
pass the popper piece

i never had enough, ill smoke a million cuts.
fuck smitty.
Track Name: holes
no matter how long still nothings changed.
two separate ways but it still stays the same.
Im digging these holes with my fingers for brain.
breaking the chain,holes in my brain.

you've broken hearts, like we've broken bongs.
her deviant eyes have stared into the sun.
i got sucked into your weekend hole.
of drunken lust & meaningless moans.

ive got holes in my brain, it always stays the same.

be careful watch your step,theres holes at every depth.
we got nothing left.the difference is sex.

youve slept with all of my friends
a band slut,it makes me sick.
got lost away in your empty soul
even though your just another hole.
Track Name: get fucked

i feel locked out snorting coke off a key and i don't know where i am but this is where i wanna be. hell is a place where the drugs come cheap. with eyes wide shut ill never fucking sleep.

high as fuck. getting drunk never really was enough.
shooting up, snorting rocks, makes my brain completely rot. bumps like speed, mountain size. dilated pupil eyes.
crash the car, losing luck. driving home completely fucked.

fuck you cause i'm not who i used to be.
burned every bridge now this shit is just new to me.
your stuck up, fucked up in the head.
and i know your still a liar but were better off dead.
Track Name: lowlife (LL Cool Jams)

stab in the back my mind is racing like a mile a minute.
cut me some slack i never been the type to mind my business.

now ill just laugh because i'm waking up on your girls bedsheets. bringing you back to a lowlife living in the street.

orders in tact school still be feeling like a fucking prison. cut me some slack i'm just a lowlife mind your fucking business.

now is the time for all hell to break loose,this is the voice of the misguided youth.

well i've been losing my faith the church is selling deceit. i like it best on my own, a lowlife walking the streets.

Track Name: mad for you
martyrs on your bedroom wall, drunken rats that slur every song. outchanged and on a bend. shit starts here and is never gonna end. so let down all your guards. a blunt to the winner and the cuban cigars.

when smoke fills my lungs, blackened thoughts fill my head, till all i envision is dead. i'm lost in a cyclone with no friends and no hope.i wish there was someone else who can see my ghost.

im too mad for you

just maybe you'll see me,front screen of the t.v.
know what im preaching, i wrote what your reading.
Track Name: downtown party (legends)
legends are me and my friends.
we know how to sing and we know how to dance.
we know how to drink getting fucked til light.
mondays are the craziest fucking night.
party until 8 am, work the next day, & do it again.
we do drugs and binge,
because we're fucking legends.
me and my friends.

lets get fucked on a monday night
when karaoke plays and my hands against the mic
force fed words fall out of my mouth,
i dont know the words so ill just run around.

we're drinkin 40's, rivs guzzling wine.
not looking at the clock,about to have a goodtime.
got friends in the front, girls in the back.
and i never looked so good singing songs so bad.

downtown party.party downtown.